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Success Stories

All families who are attempting to introduce a new language and culture to their children are enjoying success. Some parents may feel like they are not doing enough and are therefore failing. However, the fact that these parents are making a concerted effort means that they are invested in their children. And any family where the parents are lovingly invested in the success of their children is a Success Story!


Below is a list of families who are raising their children in a language which neither parent speaks natively. I would love to add more families to my list. If you would like to be added to this list, please fill out the form. Thank you.

Check Out These Families who are Raising Their Children in a Language that is Foreign to Both Parents!


Husband Native Language

Wife Native LanguageNon-Native Target Language for ChildrenLink or Contact

Brad and KristineEnglishEnglishFrenchBlog

Paul and ReneeEnglishEnglishFrenchBlog

Bernt and KarolaGermanGermanEnglishBilingual Upbringing of Children by Non-native Speakers

Geoff and TamaraEnglishEnglishGermanNon-Native Bilingualism

MicheleEnglish & ThaiEnglishFrench

Intentional Mama​

SarahEnglishEnglishFrenchBringing Up Baby Bilingual

Bonne MamanEnglishEnglishFrenchOur Non-Native Bilingual Adventure

JonathanEnglishEnglishWelshDad's the Way I Like It

KateDutchEnglishGermanGerman in the Afternoon

MikeEnglishEnglishSpanishThe Bilingual Baby Blog

Gavin & TaraEnglishEnglishSpanishBilingual Adventures

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